Combat Withdrawal

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0704afghanistan-700x420_thumb9“the most devastating perpetual trauma I had to overcome was civilian transition… I know the changes I see in myself are not a result of the war in Iraq. Even though those memories are still there and are traumatic, it goes much deeper than that. The changes are the result of a man who wishes he was at war.”
– Jessie Odom, Through Our Eyes

Sometimes the most troubling thing about combat is having to give it up. Many infantrymen who have experienced the harshest conditions in combat are not traumatized by war; they are traumatized by civilian life upon return.

After facing heavy gunfire and the daily threat of being exploded, how can an individual find civilian life the most troubling? Although it’s not a formally recognized condition, many veterans who have experienced high levels of combat develop combat withdrawal when they return home. More than just wishing they…

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