Shameless Plugs

Spending the day trying not to think about my visit to the oncologist tomorrow, I started looking at the nuts and bolts of my store on Etsy, and ways to get more clicks.

By George, I have a blog! I have only linked to my store, maybe 3 times in 15 months. While it might be a great way to get more clicks, I certainly don’t want to alienate my visitors/readers here, by shameless self-promotion…hmmmmm….what to do, what to do?

I think I will follow the lead of bookbinder & The Smallest Forest author Nat, at Stuff I’ve Made . I already have a “Stuff for Sale” category, so I can limit all my hawking of the things I have put time and passion into creating, up-doing, or finding there.

So, choose to look or not. The category is there. I won’t bombard you.

Oh, but…

Don’t forget to visit my store at:




SCA A&S 50th Anniversary Project: Boy’s Sleeveless Tunic

I got another piece of garb done for the significant other’s son today. I used the same pattern I created for the long-sleeved tunic, but I changed the sleeve and the neck significantly. I am actually pretty happy with how it turned out!


Projects always seem to take on a life of their own with me. I can’t seem to keep something simple. One of the things I did with this piece of garb was make my own hand-made frog closures. (The ones at Hancock Fabrics and JoAnn’s Fabrics were $5.00 apiece). Not only did I make the frogs, but we made the kumihimo cord the frogs were made from. The directions to make the frog closures are here:


And as if making the frogs weren’t enough, I felt a need to “fancy up” the collar line. I made a thicker collar piece on this one, because I didn’t care for the skinny collar.The collar on the 1st boy’s tunic was so thin, it was hard to work with.  I used a blackwork pattern, but used green thread in a similar shade to that of the material for the rest of the tunic. Unfortunately, I am not crazy about it, after I finished it:


And finally, just to drag this project out a little longer, I decided plain sleeves would never do. Fortunately, I had some wonderful black trim that I inherited from the rental house. This is my favorite part of this tunic.


I was going to make a tutorial for this tunic, but I haven’t been able to pigeon-hole it to a specific time frame, with primary sources. I don’t really have sound historical documentation for it. It’s mostly of my own design, and I didn’t want to make a tutorial that someone might replicate, and not be able to document. Everything I used to put this outfit together came from my stash, except for the snaps I put down the front opening (the frogs are purely decorative) so 9-year-old hands can get it on easily. That made my budget for this piece of garb $2.29!

Make sure you come back later, because tomorrow I will be trying another gluten-free bread recipe, and we will start a new piece of garb on Monday. I promise a tutorial for this one!

Sweet Dreams,

Oma & the 2 Crazy Dogs