The Coat (and Hat) of Chaos

Doesn’t that sound like a great name for a Greek hero opus? Or, are opuses only for music? In which case, I guess it would be an epic.

And epic is exactly what this coat is! I made a winter jacket for my grand-baby, Princess Chaos. I do believe it is the nicest thing I have ever made! I meant to do a tutorial for how to make this, along the lines of:

Doesn’t she do wonderful work?! But, half way through the construction, I got so wrapped up in the sewing, that I forgot to take pictures of the steps, and didn’t realize my folly until I was sewing the lining in (last step). So, unfortunately, no tutorial…however, I do have pixs of the finished project!


It is three layers. The top layer is a synthetic material that looks like crushed velvet (but cheaper). Inside is a layer of heavy linen for warmth. The outer layer is a poly-satin blend that is silky smooth.


Here, I tried to show a close-up of the lining and collar detail. I don’t know how to fix the color issues this picture has. I am no photography genius.

Entire project cost roughly $35.00 and used two yards of my stash material (the linen and the lining). I bought the buttons and the crushed velvet, which I bought enough of to also make her a pair of stretchy pants and a matching winter hat, as well as a matching cape for her Oma! (me!)

Job satisfaction on this project, 100%! Time to complete: 13 hours.

I plan on making some additional ones, out of fleece I have in my stash. I will make them a little simpler and less ornate, and in various sizes, and have them in my store soon. I think they might be terrific sellers!

A few days later, I finished the hat of chaos!



All that is left is the pants, and a t-shirt that I got a nice little iron-on for!



So, today, I have fixed the sprinkler timer in the garden, canned 10 pints of no-sugar bread and butter pickles, made fresh-from-the-garden tomato basil sauce for supper, put yet another coat of black paint on the bookshelf for my kitchen, and am getting ready to start on this project, for Princess Chaos:

chaos in purple

If I am afk for a few hours, I have been sucked into the black hole that is a new sewing project!

Rush Crazy Quilt: Part 4

It’s done! It’s done! Finally! I was starting to get project fatigue on that one, so I had to finish it off, already!

Here is a pix yesterday, doing the annoying bits of machine quilting the back to the front.



And, here is a picture of the final quilt. The lump under it is Josie-cat.


Now, all that is left is to wash it, and wrap it up for our very, very late Christmas in February!

Rush Crazy Quilt: Part 3

This was where I was a few days before I got sick. All 5 of the embroidered pieces were done. All the pieces were quilted. This was my preliminary layout, before I started sewing everything into width-wise strips. It is a riot of pink and crazy patterns–perfect for the personality of my little Princess Chaos! Since this pix, I have sewed all 9 of the strips. I just need to sew the strips into the final blanket, and add a backing. Soooooo cloooooooseee! LOL

Rush Crazy Quilt: Part Two



This is one of the 5 embroidered hearts I am doing for this project, to go in the corners, and the very center. I finished three today. I also found 10 squares I didn’t get quilted yesterday. I swear, they are replicating out of nowhere, like rabbits! I will scream if I find more tomorrow! Tomorrow, I should be able to embroider the last two squares, and officially start piecing the quilt together. It’s up to 86 squares. I SHOULD be able to get that done in 3 days…Hahahahahaha!

Current RUSH Project: Crazy Quilt for Twin-Sized Bed

ImageImage                                      I‘ve been working on this project for over a year. (I’ve moved 5 times in that same year, had a close member of the family under my care pass on, became a grandma, and had a child return to higher education, during that time also, so the fact that I’ve accomplished anything shy of packing and unpacking boxes is a miracle!) It is a crazy quilt for my grand-daughter, Princess Chaos. It was supposed to be for her 1st birthday, back in September, but it wasn’t done then. I am determined she will get it by Christmas!!!! There are 76 squares, with 144 hearts quilted onto them. It took all of yesterday to finish quilting on the hearts. That was the hardest part. Today, I need to embroider messages on 5 of the squares, then I can start piecing all the pieces together. Did I mention this is my first foray into quilt-making? Wish me luck on finishing this by Christmas, ya’ll!