So, I did a thing…

I have been away from WordPress for a while, I just couldn’t bring myself to write, but I think the funk has left. I’ve been doing research when I could, and life has been kinda crazy.

This Weekend, I participated in my first SCA Arts & Sciences event, at the Barony of Bonwicke 25th Anniversary. The competition was stiff. My friend won the judged portion of the event, and I won the Populace vote. I also won a prize for my A&S Largesse entry, with my handmade soaps and beard oils. I had to leave early, because I had my grandson with me, and he was not enjoying the event, and was making everyone else a little miserable, too! I was sad to miss court!

However, my blog has frequently been about my research and plans in the SCA. I also hope, at one point, to enter the Realm of Venus Costume Contest. Right now, there are so many demands on my time, I doubt that will happen in the next year, but it is a dream. For more information about that contest, go here:

Anyhoo, here’s the rub on my research and creation…bear with me, it is 10 pages! (but there are lots of pictures!)







Etsy Must Haves for March 27, 2015, Featuring Designs by CnC

I have been trolling Etsy again, to see what other shop owners are doing that really clicks with customers. Every time I do this, I end up seeing sooooo many things that I MUST HAVE! This week I want to tell you about Designs by CnC.

Designs by CnC is owned, operated and ran by Catherine Clifford. In addition to being the voice behind the blog over at Designs by CnC, (see her bang-up article on driving traffic to your Etsy store, here) she is also the talent and the brains behind the whole operation. I love small businesses that start with a story, but Catherine’s starts with a little story, and a huge talent! Not only does she have a studio that looks like she has never let chaos rear its ugly head, she creates beautiful hand-made cards and tags. She has a huge selection, with over 275 items, but again, they are wonderfully organized in easy-to-use sections. Some of my favorites include:

Who’s That Alien?

SHE HAS A MARVIN THE MARTIAN STAMP FOR SALE!!!! OMG! I thought Marvin the Martian was sooo cool as a child, and always secretly wished he would, just once, beat Bugs. It wasn’t to be, but this stamp is a nice reminder of the innocence of childhood. Of course, this isn’t the only stamp she has. I looked at them all, and she has several unique ones I haven’t seen locally. So far, I haven’t been bit by the stamping bug- (though I do frequently look longingly at the store displays.) So far I have managed to say, “after this project is done…” Her selection could be the bug that bites me, however!

In her Children’s cards category, she has both sock monkey cards (which aren’t totally rare, but hard to find—I wish I had found her store before my granddaughter was born!) and what I have found to be incredibly hard to find, Lil’ Lion cards. I searched everywhere for cards or anything with lions on it, before my grandson was born! You can find both, (and they are adorable!) here:

Sock Monkeys  and Other Wild Creatures.

In her Halloween/Thanksgiving department, she has a lovely Thanksgiving card—which I have found difficult to find at a reasonable price. In her Christmas category, she also has die-cut wine tags that say “Happy Thanksgiving.” I was thrilled to find those! They come as a set of six, representing various holidays (buy them now for birthdays and the like!), here: Wine, Glorious Wine. 

Finally, I was smitten by one of her Friendship cards. I may become separated from my credit card at this point. It is a lovely card with a Celtic cross on it that I simply must have. Divine Things.

So, in closing, if you are looking for high-quality, delightful cards and tags, CnC Designs should be your first stop on Etsy.

Happy Shopping,

Hugs Always,


Shameless Plugs

Spending the day trying not to think about my visit to the oncologist tomorrow, I started looking at the nuts and bolts of my store on Etsy, and ways to get more clicks.

By George, I have a blog! I have only linked to my store, maybe 3 times in 15 months. While it might be a great way to get more clicks, I certainly don’t want to alienate my visitors/readers here, by shameless self-promotion…hmmmmm….what to do, what to do?

I think I will follow the lead of bookbinder & The Smallest Forest author Nat, at Stuff I’ve Made . I already have a “Stuff for Sale” category, so I can limit all my hawking of the things I have put time and passion into creating, up-doing, or finding there.

So, choose to look or not. The category is there. I won’t bombard you.

Oh, but…

Don’t forget to visit my store at:



Sanctuary Trauma and the ‘Sacred’

Here’s something I haven’t seen a name put to–sort of explains the angering disconnect many vets feel, when they have fought tooth and nail to get what they need from the system.

Social Health


Some Veterans experience traumas beyond the battlefield. One of these can be called, “sanctuary trauma”. A concept developed by Dr. Steven Silver, sanctuary trauma “occurs when an individual who suffered a severe stressor next encounters what was expected to be a supportive and protective environment’ and discovers only more trauma.” Some veterans who face mental or physical injuries from service are finding themselves in a second battle with the bureaucracy upon return.

The much-anticipated Report of the Auditor General of Canada reviewed mental health services for veterans and determined that although there are several mental health supports put in place, there is still a significant delay in access to disability benefits and clinical care. Of course there are procedures in place to ensure public funds are responsibly distributed and not used on illegitimate claims, but these processes can lead to a secondary traumatization in individuals whose mental health conditions are…

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To My Snuggle Puppies

Hi, guys! I finally figured out how to make and save a video recording! Yeah, Me!

Of course, Oma forgot to remind you that she can’t hold a note in a bucket, but hopefully you won’t mind!

So, with no further adieu, here’s Snuggle Puppy for Princess Chaos, and Prince Havoc!

Here’s hoping this works! Oma is not a computer whiz like your Mom & Dad. I hope they teach this stuff in schools now!