NOT RECIPES: Sabores Restaurant–Be Still, My Beating Heart!

So this wonderful foodie adventure started with me trying to find a place to get Jerk Chicken, because I was in the mood for that, and haven’t had it good, since I was stationed in Virginia. I googled Jerk Chicken, and Sabores, on 3325 Industrial Drive (Behind the bowling alley!) was the first thing that came up.

I didn’t read any of the reviews before I left the house, but after I got back home, I checked them out on, and no one can speak a bad word about them! And I understand why! THEY ARE PHENOMENAL! You can see my short UrbanSpoon Review here:

My pet peeves in restaurants are rude service providers, boring or bland food, or food that should be good but isn’t treated with the respect it needs to be great, dirty or smelly (any odors, good or bad, really) restrooms–(I have been known to walk out of restaurants without ordering if their bathrooms were dirty–after years in the Marines, dirty bathrooms are a HUGE TURNOFF), and poor value for your buck.

Sabores gets 5 stars from me, in all the above areas.

Antonio, our most gracious waiter, and Juan, the owner of Sabores in Bossier City, LA.

Antonio, our most gracious waiter, and Juan, the owner of Sabores in Bossier City, LA.

Antonio & Juan were amazing and helpful, even bringing us samples when we said it was our first visit. Antonio is a crew chief out at Barksdale AFB, so it was nice to talk to a younger service person. Juan is the owner, and I read in another review that his wife works at Barksdale, but Antonio also told me she (Esther) does the cooking! Bless her heart! Whatever the case, she is an amazing cook!

YUM! Braised Chicken and Amazing Pork Chops!

YUM! Braised Chicken and Amazing Pork Chops!

Speaking of the cooking, the menu is Dominican, which didn’t really register with me, what to expect. I dated a guy from Venezuela for a couple years, but his family was Italian, so he mostly made steaks and spaghetti. I really had no idea what to expect. IT IS DEFINITELY NOT MEXICAN FOOD! It is different. Don’t get me wrong, I frequent Compadres, like it’s my grammies’  kitchen, but Dominican food is special. It’s not overly spicy (as in heat), which frequently annoys me about chain Mexican places. That isn’t to say the food is not well-spiced. When you taste the food, you almost instantly understand that the cook has respect for the food, and a mastery of her art form. Who knew pork chops and braised chicken could convey such passion? AND YOU MUST TRY THE TRES LECHES CAKE!

Tres Leches cake! Wonderful!

Tres Leches cake! Wonderful!

After this superb meal, I was almost hesitant to walk into the restrooms. Restrooms have historically been deal-breakers for me. I have either decided to leave, or decided to never return, based on the cleanliness of several establishments’ restrooms. I spent years in the Marines, and I feel like I have earned the right to conduct my business in a clean place. Again, Sabores did not disappoint. Not only was the restroom clean, but it actually sparkled! The paint wasn’t chipping or flaky. The toilet paper dispenser was full. The soap machine was full. There were plenty of paper towels. The trash can was ample-sized and not overflowing. This was no dingy old bathroom, and it even lacked any sort of odor! I have found my restaurant Nirvana!

Finally, I must attest to the value of the menu. The significant other and I had samples, 2 wonderful meat pastries, braised chicken and rice, pork chops and rice, tres leches cake, and Jerry had a very stout coffee (if you read my review of the Shreveport Farmer’s Market, you know what a coffee snob he can be, and he LOVED this coffee!) for under $30.00. I didn’t think an inspired meal like this was possible for such a great price!

Everything about Sabores tells you that Juan takes great pride in his ownership of this establishment. Imagine how wonderful dining could be if every owner felt this way?

Sabores is a restaurant that is getting Everything right.

Jerry, looking professorly, and enjoying his strong, "excellent" after dinner coffee.

Jerry, looking professorly, and enjoying his strong, “excellent” after dinner coffee.


Pix-A-Day: My Lunch




The significant other is out of town for three days, and I am still not eating hard food after last week’s dental surgery, so on the way home from Hancock’s Fabric yesterday, I stopped at the new PhoLamour Noodle House.

I wrote a review for it on Urban Spoon. You can see it here: It’s the one entitled “It’s OK, but…”

Doesn’t it look yummy? It smelled pretty awesome, too. Unfortunately, looks and smells don’t tell the whole story. Fortunately, however, it has provided 2 lunches and a supper, with still more in the fridge, so I haven’t had to cook while the significant other has been gone. Yeah for me!