Daily Prompt: The Golden Key


So, today our prompt is “You’ve been given a key that can open one building, room, locker, or box to which you don’t normally have access. How do you use it, and why?”

I am a base creature. I have base desires. The golden key wouldn’t really work for me unless it included the ability to keep, lawfully, whatever I removed from this room that I don’t normally have access to.

Because, you see, I would want access to the bank vault with the most cash in it…

WARNING! WARNING! WARNING! This is not the socially relevant post I spent hours working on last night, and subsequently lost. I lost my enthusiasm for that, but it is a topic on my mind, so something may come of that later. This post is purely a flight of fancy, along the lines of “what would you do, if money were no object…”

That being said, you have been warned.

I would spend Christmas Day lounging on the beach in Australia, with the grand-babbees, and take as much time as I wanted exploring Down Under and New Zealand.

But……..I would not be entirely selfish with what I would do with the money.

Part of it would go to buying a plot of land, in the country, near Shreveport, for PetSavers to use as a facility for dogs they will never be able to adopt out. Secondly, I would fund a perpetual trust that would create internship positions for students in high school or college, who wanted to study veterinarian medicine. They would receive a very small stipend and references, in exchange for work. It would be a comfy place where every dog had an indoor and an outdoor place, and lived with a family group of dogs they got along with. It would just be a bit more “homey” than their current confines.

Next, I would buy my son a car that there was absolutely-no-doubt that it would take him on his 100-mile-a-day journey from school to work to home.

I would donate $15,000 to the Robinson Film Center, and maybe set up another perpetual trust to continue giving at least $1000. a year. I would want some of that money to go towards an education collaboration with local colleges to study vintage Hollywood movies, and share their research with the public.

Thirdly, I would buy a small flat or apartment in Lubbock, so I wouldn’t have to encroach on my son’s space whenever I visited.

I might also consider buying my son a patch of land to build a house on, or give him a down payment for a house of his choice, though it would be entirely his responsibility to make house payments and taxes.

I would set up a perpetual fund that would give money to organizations that trained dogs from shelters to be service dogs for veterans, either for those with TBI’s or PTSD. The organization would have to train both the dog, and the service person to work with the dog. It would be a mutually-beneficial thing for both the person and the dog. Ideally, the fund would support the training of 4 vet/dog teams per year.

Next, I would buy a comfortable, relatively new RV for us to travel the states in, and a smart car for a getting-about-town car.

I would fund a trust to provide a partnership between the social work department at the Veteran’s Administration, the Vocational Rehabilitation department at the Veteran’s Administration, and Habitat for Humanity. This would be a grassroots partnership, at individual VA’s. This partnerships’ aim would be to provide housing for homeless vets, or vets in danger of becoming homeless, exclusively. Habitat would run the where and hows of building each house, and vets would work on their houses, and perhaps the houses of other vets. If special accommodations were needed for wounded vets, that would be accounted for, as well.

Next, I would buy the significant others’ Mums’ house from his sister, so she would have a little less financial stress, now that she has the new baby. Of course, it would continue to be Mums’ house, for as long as she wanted. We might put in a second bath, and maybe another bedroom. We could store stuff there while we travel and not have to worry about a rental or mortgage.

I would fund a Rick Astley fan club members’ reunion, and hire Rick for 3 days worth of personal shows and visitations, including lavish breakfasts, wonderful tapas, and free-flowing beverages, wherever the club voted to have a reunion at.

I would fully fund a college fund for both the grand-babbees, so they could go to school with no worries. I would set up additional funds, as rewards for finishing high school, so they could get their choice of a car, or a trip to Europe, and a reward for finishing college, where they could get a down-payment on a house, or pay off 25% of any college debt they had acquired. If they joined the military instead of going to college, they would still get the high school reward money, but the college money, and graduation rewards would not be theirs until they finished college through the service, or reached 40, whichever came first.

I would buy one of the several overgrown splotches downtown that used to be vibrant businesses, and bring together Louisiana Master Gardeners to make a community garden. All food grown there would be free for the asking for the hungry, and any additional food would go to the local food bank, minus whatever might be preserved and sold at local Farmers’ Markets, to support the garden. It would also serve as a research space for current agricultural students to try out ideas and learn about urban gardening.

I would buy 2 tickets for a year-long, around the world cruise.

I would fund a trust to build a “Museum of Libraries” with a branch on each continent. The Museum would strive to display travelling exhibits of important books through history, such as the Book of Kells, The Art of War, The Republic, by Plato, the Gutenberg Bible, The Wealth of Nations, Common Sense and The Rights of Man, The Communist Manifesto, The Origin of Species, The Grapes of Wrath, Slaughterhouse 5, The Epic of Gilgamesh, Poor Man of Nippur, The Trojan War Cycle, and such. The mission of this museum would be to share books that have been important, all throughout history, without being a respector of specific authors/religions/political views. An American would have as equal access to Uncle Tom’s Cabin as he would the Communist Manifesto, as would a person from the Soviet Bloc. or Sierra Leone, or Sydney.

I would buy a little apartment above a flower shop, somewhere in Europe, and plan all my European excursions from there. I would visit every museum in every country I possible could, and have all manner of additional adventures. I might also write a novel, or start my own historical clothing line from there–or both! And I would learn to play some musical instrument, or at least attain some semblance of a beat!

I would periodically take those folks who hold up signs at the intersection reading “Homeless Vet, Please Help” to lunch, and to get basic needs, and even a place to crash for a few nights.

I would buy another little apartment, near a Buddhist temple and wonderful food, in Asia, and use it as a base for explorations in this part of the world.

I would buy the building that currently accommodates the downtown YMCA. I would pay for any repairs or upgrades necessary to bring it to ADA regulations, without interfering with its’ place on the National Historic Register. I would not want to interfere with the mission and function of the Y. Then, on the top floor, I would build a spacious apartment and work studio for myself and the significant other. The building has terrific bones and fabulous architectural embellishments, and I would have an amazing gym, pool, whirlpool and steam room at my disposal, just by going downstairs!

So, as a means to an end, the key would be a wonderful thing, only if whatever I took from the room would be lawfully mine. Does the fact I plan to use the money to spread good alleviate the fact that some would consider this ill-gotten gains?


The Post-A-Day & Trying to Avoid Mowing the Yard

Today’s Post-A-Day is this:

Off the Shelf

Take a look at your bookcase. If you had enough free time, which book would be the first one you’d like to reread? Why?

Being that I am sitting here eating my humble Greek yogurt for breakfast and procrastinating about actually going outside and mowing the yard, I am up for this challenge!

I would like to re-read any of the Kay Scarpetta series by Patricia Cornwall. I loved reading her stuff because here was a smart, tough chick who was also slightly human. When I was younger, she gave me something to aspire to, and I thought the science was fascinating.

I also enjoyed Conquistador by S. M. Stirling. He has a whole slew of books in that genre that I could dive into, the significant other has them all on a shelf, but I keep so busy I scarcely sit down and read, unless the doc tells me to stay in bed for some reason.

Off of my Kindle, I would re-read Swiss Family Robinson or 20.000 Leagues under The Sea, or Mysterious Island. In fact, I frequently do re-read those. 

There’s another series of books from the boyfriend I recently red the first two of, about several groups of people living in a post-apocalyptic world in the Pacific Northwest. It was a good read, because it wasn’t too science fiction-y to be believable, and it had good strong femme characters I could identify with. For the life of me, I can’t think of the name of the book right now, or find it on our shelves.


Now, I’ve dawdled enough, time to attack the yard, and hopefully not run over the baby watermelon with the lawn mower.


Here’s another shot at the Post-a-Day. Hopefully, it works as smashingly as it did yesterday.

Secret Admirers

You return home to discover a huge flower bouquet waiting for you, no card attached. Who is it from — and why did they send it to you?

Well, of course, it came from Princess Chaos, or more aptly, her favorite minion, her Daddy, AKA, my son. 

It’s full of yellow tulips and huge gorgeous purple irises, because the child has an inner flare for the dramatic, just like her Oma.

And, while there is no card, my son has imaginatively embedded a video chip that begins to play when I set the bouquet on the kitchen table. It’s my Monkey Girl, and she has this to say….     “OOOOOOOOOOOOOOMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA, I miss you. It’s almost time for Baby Charlie to come, and I haven’t seen you in like, 3 whole weeks, and I miss you TTTTTTHHHHHIIIIIIISSSSS MMMMMUUUUCCCCHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!” she gestures dramatically by giving herself a big hug. “I am feeling the need to be spoiled rotten, and Daddy says you are the best person for the job!” Of course, Daddy chimes in with a “Hi, Mom!” in the background, as they both wave at the camera while the video clip fades out.