Gotta Find that Dress…

The significant other was watching NCIS the other day, and my favorite goth/scientist/super slueth/fashion plate, Abby Sciuto (Paula Perrette) had on a killer dress.

It was not Abby’s usual black (at least not completely). It had a green Peter Pan type collar, and a sheer black part from the collar to the top of the bodice. From the bodice down, including the skirt, was the same deep green as the collar. The skirt was full, almost like a short version of a circle skirt. I loved that dress. I’m going to try and make it…however,…

The significant other erased the episode after he watched it. I couldn’t begin to tell you what it was about–apparently I only paid attention to the dress.

I managed, after a couple of hours of thinking about it, while sewing snaps onto the winter coat I am making for Princess Chaos, to determine that it is “Phoenix”, Episode 3, from Season 10. Now, Netflix doesn’t have NCIS in their online library. Hulu re-directed me to only had episodes 5-24 from Season 10. None of the season 10 trailers on You Tube showed THAT DRESS.

I REALLY, REALLY, REALLY need to see that dress again, so I can make a sketch. 

Can anyone give me a clue AS TO WHERE I CAN FIND THAT EPISODE? HELP!