I’ve Lost My Stinking Phone…

2,000 pictures I have taken on my phone since July, and hadn’t got moved to my laptop yet. Pictures of the birth of my 2nd grandchild. Pictures of my 1st grandchild’s second birthday. Pictures for several travel posts I haven’t gotten up, yet.

And, I can’t find the damn phone.

It got me thinking about how much of our lives are contained in this little electronic device that we can carry in our pocket. I feel lost. I’ve never permanently lost a phone before. I look at my babbee’s pictures, 7-8-9-10 times a day?

I’m almost certain it will turn up, but I can’t be certain. I’m not sure if I have mobile tracking on it, or not.–The next task is to call the phone company, something I may surely regret. Sprint’s customer service was always helpful–this will be the first time calling this new company’s service desk–first time since I moved to this company, because Sprint did not have a signal in the area of Arkansas where we were living. I am dreading this call.

At this particular second, technology feels like the enemy. Weird, coming from me, who has always preached to keep alternative, non-electronic records, in case of AHBL. In the case of photographs, I failed. All the contacts and stuff can be recovered, but I am worried about those pictures.

On a positive note, the customer service at Home Depot, on a Black Friday in the United States, was exceptional. I thought I had left it there, when I went in with a friend to get a box to ship a TV in. The customer service agent I reached on the telephone actually went back to the isle I told her, and looked for my phone. She didn’t have to do that. That was priceless to me.



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