WordPress: Wtf Are Drafts Now?

Ok, used to be, I could find drafts in my dashboard, easy-peasy. I just spent an hour getting about 1/3 of the way through a very socially-relevant blog, to lose it because the significant other was twittering away, and I looked his direction and hit some weird button, and it all disappeared, and I was back on google.com. Someone, help? Please? This is actually upsetting.



  1. ROTFL.
    Us “significant other’s twittering away” whilst you are pinned down to a keyboard is often the only chance we get to speak!
    As for WordPress? They are also driving me mad by constantly changing things round in dashboard. So mad that I’ve resorted to talking to my sig’ other when she is blogging. Fun isn’t it?

  2. Likewise, ROTF…
    Ok, my friend, you are off the proverbial hook. You have actually read your wife’s blog, and I assume, speak to her at other times during the day, other than firing up just whenever she gets her computer out!! My daughter-in-law has read my blog more than the significant other (twice) and doesn’t categorize it as “that silly thing I do.”

  3. So, I actually found drafts in the dashboard again, buried under some ad to get me to buy a custom web address, but all last nights work was not to be found. How could I have worked on it for an hour and wordpress not have auto-drafted it, like it used to? ARRRRGGGGHHHHH!

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