The Coat (and Hat) of Chaos

Doesn’t that sound like a great name for a Greek hero opus? Or, are opuses only for music? In which case, I guess it would be an epic.

And epic is exactly what this coat is! I made a winter jacket for my grand-baby, Princess Chaos. I do believe it is the nicest thing I have ever made! I meant to do a tutorial for how to make this, along the lines of:

Doesn’t she do wonderful work?! But, half way through the construction, I got so wrapped up in the sewing, that I forgot to take pictures of the steps, and didn’t realize my folly until I was sewing the lining in (last step). So, unfortunately, no tutorial…however, I do have pixs of the finished project!


It is three layers. The top layer is a synthetic material that looks like crushed velvet (but cheaper). Inside is a layer of heavy linen for warmth. The outer layer is a poly-satin blend that is silky smooth.


Here, I tried to show a close-up of the lining and collar detail. I don’t know how to fix the color issues this picture has. I am no photography genius.

Entire project cost roughly $35.00 and used two yards of my stash material (the linen and the lining). I bought the buttons and the crushed velvet, which I bought enough of to also make her a pair of stretchy pants and a matching winter hat, as well as a matching cape for her Oma! (me!)

Job satisfaction on this project, 100%! Time to complete: 13 hours.

I plan on making some additional ones, out of fleece I have in my stash. I will make them a little simpler and less ornate, and in various sizes, and have them in my store soon. I think they might be terrific sellers!

A few days later, I finished the hat of chaos!



All that is left is the pants, and a t-shirt that I got a nice little iron-on for!


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