Bloody lawnmower won’t start. It started once, and I got the worst part of the yard mowed, by the garden, where the grass grows knee-high because I water the garden every night. Even Louisiana doesn’t get enough regular rain to not have to water regularly, if you want anything to grow. Then I made the mistake of turning off the mower to move the irrigation hose.

Plenty of gas.

Pulled the choke all the way back. Nothing.

Nothing is obstructing the rotation of the blade, it’s clean as a whistle under there.

Dry-cleaned the air filter before I started, and double-checked it again.

Raised the mower so it’s not fighting against grass to get going. Still nothing.

The only thing left is possibly I need to change the oil.


Don’t know how to do that. So I go inside with the ambition to google how to do it. The significant other is trudging around, half asleep.

“The lawn mower won’t start.” I say.

“I’ll check it when I wake up,” he says, and trudges back to bed. Did I mention it was 10 am? Did I mention by noon, it will be too hot outside to do anything?

Off to google, I am. Never hurts to learn something new. If you had asked me 10 years ago if I would know this much about lawn mowers, I would have blown raspberries at you. And life goes on.


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