Reviews, Not Recipes: Strongbow Apple Cider

When I went to Thrifty Liquor to pick up my bottle of Peter Heering for the epic cake, I asked the significant other if I could pick up anything for him. He texted back, 

     “Cider? Strongbow if they have it.”

Except I tend to be a bit of a dunder-head and spent a half hour looking for “Oxbow” cider, before I re-read the message and found it right in front of me.


I sort of fell in love with ciders, (enough so to start brewing my own) at the first SCA event I went to with the significant other, back in October of 2012, in San Antonio. We were getting on quite well with a couple he knew, who are in the Air Force and quite active in the SCA. During the games night that Saturday, they shared their Woodchuck’s Cider, and I have been a fan ever since.

Which is saying something because I absolutely don’t like beer at all, and have only recently found a wine I like. My tastes have always leaned towards pina coladas, Black Russians, Irish coffees, and a top-shelf chocolate martini. I really don’t drink that often.

Prior to this, I had only had Woodchucks (a fine brew) and Angry Orchard. I didn’t care for Angry Orchard, because it tasted a bit too “Americanized”–in other words, it had elements of a poor beer-like flavor to me.

Strongbow (forever in my mind now, it will be Oxbow–which probably doesn’t exist) was a pleasant surprise. It is different from Woodchucks because it has a crisper, airier (is that a word?), yet filling, taste to it. It isn’t as sweet as Woodchucks, but it’s put together in a manner that I didn’t miss the sweetness. Or maybe all this dieting is really changing my taste buds more than I know? LOL It’s the kind of cider you can put in a nice glass, or drink out of the bottle.

All in all, if you are a fan of ciders, or just want to try something different, I would definitely recommend Strongbow. 


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