Reviews, Not Recipes: Peter Heering Cherry Liqueur, Copenhagen, 1818

So, Thrifty Liquor finally got the bottle of Heering in, that I needed for my cake, last night. As I type, the fresh, deep, dark cherries from the Farmer’s Market I pitted yesterday are marinating in it, waiting for me to make the cake. It’s on the agenda for this evening.

Having never tried Heering, (or any sort of cherry brandy or liqueur), I felt the need to sample it, before I went marinating cherries in it.



I poured myself and the significant other a 1 oz shot for tasting. I had to hunt down and wash our monogrammed shot glasses just for the occasion, LOL! I was surprised that I found it very drinkable. It has a sweet flavor, but not overpoweringly so. The cough syrup-sickly sweet flavor is also pleasantly missing. It’s quite strong, but smooth. It’s perfect for my cake because it doesn’t have the high alcoholic grainy taste of a kirschwasser. It has an amber color slightly darker than Maker’s Mark. As I sipped it, I could imagine sitting by a roaring fire during a snow storm, sipping it from a cordial glass. I have also read it makes a mean Singapore Sling, though I have never tried that drink.  It’s definitely a fine addition to a well-stocked, high-quality home bar


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