So, this has been my year of healing. I’ve had a few surgeries (still 3 oral surgeries to go), lost 20 pounds (still 50 to go) am exercising lots, and feeling better. At this moment, both the IBS and GERD are well under control–(I can actually leave my house without fear!) I’m totally off of the diabetes medication. My cholesterol is down 14 points. My blood pressure fluctuates, mostly only when I am stressed out, and I still seem to have a pretty weak immune system (I’ve had a kidney infection and an upper respiratory infection since my hysterectomy in May), but I am making progress. We’re still supplementing iron and B-12, because those levels are still low, but not as bad as they were at the first of the year. The chronic vertigo only seems to flare up in yoga class or when I have something involving my sinuses going on. I am to the point where I don’t carry my rescue inhaler on my daily walks. We’re even planning an active vacation for the late fall.

That being said, you can imagine my dismay when I opened a letter from the Radiology Department at Willis Knighton yesterday evening. I had a abnormal mammogram on July 11. They want me to return for an ultrasound. I have absolutely ZERO lumps. I know lumps–I’ve had them before with cysts–I self-check regularly because finding a lump is scary as hell. This isn’t much better. My solace is thinking, “well, if it were something life-threatening, they would have called instead of sending a letter.” Right? I hate not knowing.

That being said, I have to give a huge kudos to my doctor at the Veteran’s Administration. She knew before I did, so when I went in to e-mail her to schedule a sonogram, she was already aware of the situation and had started the paperwork for me to see an outside provider. The Veteran’s Administration isn’t set up for that type of procedure in this area of the country. There has been a lot of complaints about the VA in the news lately, but my doc is the best, ever! I’ve gotten better care here at this VA since January, than I have anywhere else in the WORLD.


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