Shreveport Farmer’s Market–Out & About on August 2, 2014

The significant other and I did one of our favorite things for the “crack of dawn” on a Saturday morning–we stopped by the Shreveport Farmers Market.
Our new friend, Joy Yeager-Lasher (who teaches yoga at the Shreveport VA hospital once a week–Bless you!, Joy!) was off on vacation, so we didn’t see her at her honey booth ( ), but it was still worth the trip.
We got there early enough to be the only one in line for blueberries. That is quite an accomplishment, because there have been times when we’ve waited in line 15 minutes to get them. They are FABULOUS blueberries!
No trip to the Farmer’s Market is complete without a hot, fresh breakfast. While Jerry had a spicy, wonderful tasty taco, I headed for familiar territory. I had tried Kev’s Kitchen when I was there by myself, last month, and had the Shrimp and Fried Green Tomato BLT, which was out of this world, and I had been thinking about his Shrimp and Grits ever since. I think I even dreamed about them once–which is just plain weird because I maybe eat grits once every five years? (Hush, ya’ll–I don’t want to be disowned as a Southerner!) The desire was compounded by the fact that Jerry and I stopped at Maurice’s last night for a few drinks, and my stomach was just a tad sour (Maurice’s mom mixes a mean, and potent, pineapple cocktail)–I was thinking grits would be just the cure for my ailment. The first thing I thought when he handed me the bowl was, “a little cheese on top, and this would be a bowl of heaven!”
shrimp grits
I was wrong. Cheese would have been a distraction. Kev really knows his way around some grits! There was so much going on with the crunchy bell pepper and bacon, and the savory grits, and the delicious broth that tasted like a gumbo base, it was phenomenal! I definitely will be having a few more breakfast (es? s? ‘s?) with Kev.
kev's kitchen
Right next door to Kev’s Kitchen, Jerry found new friends at theKernHasCoffee booth. I don’t know the first thing about coffee, but Jerry was raving about it! They also previously lived in Seattle, so Jerry had a great time reminiscing with them, and he said they definitely served a superb cup. I know it must have been good, because Jerry NEVER drinks two cups of coffee in one day, and he went back for a refill!

While I was waiting on my grits, (we were very early!) I paid a visit to Lynn’s New Orleans Style Dishes. Ms. Martha runs that operation, and she let me sample her gumbo. She put the spoon in her crock to stir it around, and the first thing I saw was a big bit of crab, and I knew what the significant other and I were having for supper! Ms. Martha explained to me that she does not add rice to her gumbo prior to sale, because she wants her customers to get their best value. Her gumbo is meaty, and full of flavor, without being entirely too spicy, which I love! I may, however add some tomato, okra, onion (and of course, rice) to it, tonight, because I would really, really love to get two meals out of it.

On top of a terrific breakfast and the fixings for a fantastic supper, I got a bit of my shopping done. In addition to BLUEBERRIES!, I picked up some squash for the grill, some beautiful red potatoes, peaches, and some black cherries for the Schwarzwald Kirsch Kuchen I am going to make later this week. (I will probably do a step-by-step blog post for this one, it’s going to be one epic cake!) I also finally found someone who had stevia plants! I’ve been trying to find these all season, without much luck. Needless to say, I bought all she had! Unfortunately, the guy with the terrific lettuce wasn’t there this week. Hopefully, I can catch him next Saturday.

Part of the draw for me, going to the Farmer’s Market is that the Shreveport Market is very community-centric. I’m starting to know people by name, and look forward to visiting with them, in addition to sampling their wares. You definitely won’t have that experience at Kroger or Wally-World. The experience, alone, is worth the trip. Shreveport, A+ on this bit of community-building!

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