A&S 50th Year Anniversary Project: Child’s Tunic

I started this project because Jerry’s son may be able to go with us to Gulf Wars next month, and he has outgrown all his current garb. (Which consisted of 1 tunic Jerry’s ex-gf made for him, like 3 years ago.) The kiddo needs clothes! I finished this in less than two days. However, I may go back and make changes to it later. I planned the pattern based on the idea that he will grow, so it has an extra 3 inches in both the length and the arm length, and 5 inches of wearing ease throughout. In retrospect, I think I should have given it up to 7 inches of ease, but that is a lesson for next time. I was so excited to sew something that wouldn’t take a year to finish! I started this the day after I finished the epic crazy quilt, and was completely done before I realized I hadn’t taken any pictures of the process. So here is the end result:



I am horrible at taking pictures! LOL The neck trim came from the stuff I inherited from the rental house. The pine tree is Jerry’s symbol for his heraldry, and this is made to match Jerry’s parti-colored tunic, of which you can see some in the background. The underarm gusset on the left side is sort of poofy, so I may rework it later. After this picture was taken, I made a hand-made button and loop to keep the neck closed. (They tell me safety pins aren’t period…) All of this tunic was done from my stockpile of fabrics and stuff so the budget for this tunic was $00.00 right now! 


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