Techniculties ?@#$!

Could someone please explain to me, why, every time I try to post a pix, WordPress changes the orientation of the photo? A 100-foot tall Christmas tree laying on it’s side isn’t as impressive as it is standing up. No matter whether I flipped it the right way with Windows picture manager, or edited it and flipped it from the Media library here in Word Press, it still publishes with the wrong orientation. This is not a new problem–if you look at previous posts, I’ve ignored the problem before.


I have tons of pixs I want to upload, but I just trash the post when it doesn’t work right. I won’t post a gallery of screwiness…



  1. How are you “drawing” your picture? I put everything I create into mspaint and resize it to no more than 200 x 200 on the ruler. That keeps the file size down and so what I do goes in unchanged.
    Try it on a dummy post and let me know what happens.

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