Garden Dreams…

Being on bed rest has caused me to get really antsy. The weather has been great, and I have been dying to get out in the yard. But, doctor’s orders…

So, when the doc told me to stay in bed, I decided it didn’t have to be a totally unproductive time. I decided I was going to try to accomplish one productive thing each day. Of course, three of those days, I cheated because we had to take the significant others’ son back to Houston, and drive on to Corpus Christi to get the rest of our belongings out of storage there. I really should have stayed in bed, and paid the price the next two days, by not accomplishing anything, other than about 20 hours of sleep each day. 

So, one of my productive bed rest days, I finished Jerry’s Rus hat. Two days, I spent working on the Jane Seymore replica sleeves for a chemise I made back in March, 2013 (more on this, later). One day, I learned very basic knitting. 

And one particularly sunny day, I spent garden-dreaming. It took all day, but I planned our entire garden for this summer. Jerry has worked a “square foot garden” before, but I never have. Jerry gave me Mel Bartholomew’s “Square Foot Gardening” book, and I combined the ideas in that book with what I know and managed to Google about companion gardening.

I have several goals for the garden:

1.  To grow enough tomatoes and spices to can up enough spaghetti sauce and salsa for 2 families, (me, and my son’s family in Arkansas) to last a year. Oh, don’t forget the jalapenos and serranos! This is my first year growing them, along with red and yellow bell peppers.

2.  To grow enough carrots to do the same thing. Princess Chaos LOVES carrots.

3. To grow enough cucumbers to make bread and butter pickles for both families, for a year. I have been dreaming about bread and butter pickles.

4. To grow enough salad veggies (including 18 plants of spinach in the spring and fall) to have a fresh salad every day, throughout the season.

5. To grow enough strawberries to make a year’s worth of jam and put up plenty in the freezer.

6. To try growing blueberry bushes and 2 cherry trees, for the first time.

7. And, finally, to grow plants together that keep us from having to worry about pesticides, and try to keep everything as organic as possible.

It will take four 4×4 garden plots with trellises. We have wood we brought back from what used to be bookshelves in Corpus Christi that we are going to use to build them. We will start building them as soon as I am off bed-rest. We’re going to order a truckful of dirt on February 1, and start ammending it with our compost and some vermiculite and a little sand. I cant wait!

So, is anyone else “garden-dreaming” like me? What do you grow? How do you use it? Are you as self-sufficient as you would like to be, in that area? What is your favorite thing to grow? Do you have any gardening horror stories? Tell us all about it!


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