Happy New Years, ehhh…

New Year’s finds me in a cranky mood. I am down with “borderline pneumonia” again, and my doc has put me on bed rest, until my follow-up appointment, because this is the 3rd time in 3 months (and 4th time this year) I have had more-serious-than-I-would-like-to-admit bronchial issues. Do I need to mention I asked for the pneumonia vaccine when I was well, and the VA refused to give it to me (after my first round of pneumonia, back in April), because I wasn’t 65? I have 17 days to “take it easy.” I am less than 24 hours in, and I am already going stir-crazy. Fortunately, we got a lot of our furniture moved into the new house 2 days before I got sick, and I spent the day before I got sick, cleaning everything and moving furniture into the appropriate places, so the house would be comfortable for my significant others’ sons’ 1 week visit. I got sick the first day he was here. Needless to say, I am not much fun right now. The significant other is even sleeping on the couch.

So, I am thinking about what I can do to while away the time between now and January 15th, without totally breaking the doctor’s orders.

I’ve decided getting up and sewing on the machine is probably pushing things right now. I am a little surprised at my lack of energy, despite my insomnia.

Princess Chaos’ blanket will not be done in time for her Christmas celebration on January 7th. (She’s with her Nana in Texas, until then.) Which is actually OK, because I can’t travel at that time, so she is going to have Christmas with me, here, the 1st weekend of February. Lucky girl gets 3 Christmas times this year-1 with Nana, 1 with Mom and Dad, and 1 with Oma (because we now all live in different states). So, I have an extra 2 weeks to work on that, once I get well. Plenty of time to finish, because I am almost done, anyway. I’ve sewn all the individual squares into strips, and just need to sew the strips into the full blanket and put on the backing. There’s 9 strips, so that’s less than a days work.

So, back to what to do, in the meantime. I recently signed up for the Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA’s) Arts and Science’s 50th Anniversary Challenge. http://artsandsciences50.org/ 
Fortunately, I joined SCA well after the challenge started, so every bit of garb I have created qualifies for the challenge. A lot of that garb needs to be re-worked, and most of that re-working needs to be done by hand-sewing and a few black work embroidery projects–something I could easily do in bed. Part of the challenge involves also documenting the historical accuracy of each piece, so I can catch all of that up (I should think), while on bed rest, as well. Hopefully, (and I haven’t tried this yet), I can set up a 2nd page to this blog, and use it to document my challenge pieces. I haven’t tried doing a 2nd page on WordPress yet, so wish me luck that I can get the results I want out of it. Otherwise, I will just have to create a separate category for the Challenge. However, it’s 6 am, and probably not an appropriate time to start digging around in my sewing room for stuff to work on, with my honey asleep in the living room and his son tucked in his bedroom, next to my sewing room. Perhaps a nap is in order, but I’m not feeling it, even with classical music on in the background. What I wouldn’t give to actually sleep for more than an hour at a time.


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