Current RUSH Project: Crazy Quilt for Twin-Sized Bed

ImageImage                                      I‘ve been working on this project for over a year. (I’ve moved 5 times in that same year, had a close member of the family under my care pass on, became a grandma, and had a child return to higher education, during that time also, so the fact that I’ve accomplished anything shy of packing and unpacking boxes is a miracle!) It is a crazy quilt for my grand-daughter, Princess Chaos. It was supposed to be for her 1st birthday, back in September, but it wasn’t done then. I am determined she will get it by Christmas!!!! There are 76 squares, with 144 hearts quilted onto them. It took all of yesterday to finish quilting on the hearts. That was the hardest part. Today, I need to embroider messages on 5 of the squares, then I can start piecing all the pieces together. Did I mention this is my first foray into quilt-making? Wish me luck on finishing this by Christmas, ya’ll!


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