Queen’s Champion Event—Kingdom of Ansteorra—May 10-12, 2013

Sorry, folks, I haven’t posted in a few days. I was ill and we moved to Louisiana in the time I was away. Pictures of the new workshop will be posted soon! I finally have a workshop in my house! Time to get ready for Gulf Wars!

The Queen’s Champion Event was held on the weekend of May 10-12, 2013, at the storied Castleton site, in Copper Canyon, Austin, Texas.  The event included Rapier, Cut-and-Thrust, Novice, Equestrian, and Jousting Tournaments. It was a very soggy weekend. It began raining just outside of San Antonio, on the drive up from Corpus Christi, and continued until the wee hours of the morning. It was so bad, we didn’t bother to put up our tent, and slept in the back of my Caravan-a very miserable existence, indeed.

I learned an important lesson at this event. (This was only my 2nd event.) One cannot wear a short chemise with a Viking apron-dress, or one ends up wearing a Viking mini-dress. It never dawned on me until I had to go to the restroom at 5 am that morning that I had made a HUGE garb boo boo! We live, we learn, and try not to cower in embarrassment! Thank goodness for Jerry’s long, heavy canvas cloak. I wore it all morning till we were able to break away to World Market and buy a gypsy skirt to wear under my apron-dress. I am certain I had the worst garb in the joint!

It was exciting to see lots of fighters, across all strata of age. It was also the first event I have attended with equestrian participation and actual jousting. The event was well attended; however, I would have liked to have seen more merchants.

It was my first time attending a feast. All of the food was delicious, though some complained about the dessert, I found it precisely to my liking. Check out the menu below:

  • 1st Remove: Homemade Breads with herb, sweet butters and garlic cheese spread (by Ld. Goldwerd of St. Golias)
  • 2nd Remove: Bedouin Chicken with Roasted Carrots (by HL Sosha O’Rourk)
  • 3rd Remove: Sheppard’s Pie with Salad (oil & vinegrette dressing) (by Ld. Wolf de Granger)
  • 4th Remove: Orange Custards with Sweet Breads & Marmalade (by HL Willoc Mac Muiredaig)

Some highlights from Saturday’s Fighting:

http://youtu.be/X0TZjZGe8aw   –This Video was not made by me. It was posted by TheMedieval Media on YouTube. The following fighters are featured, at the following times:

Published on May 22, 2013

The final 18 fighters in the Gwen II’s Queen’s champion tourney (Spring 2013).

Ld. Miguel vs HG Aaron 00:00
Don Tristan vs Ld. Alane 08:25
Don Iago vs Don Lorenzo 13:05
HG Miguel vs Ld. John 16:15

Ld. Tomas vs Lady Layla 19:15

Lady Solia vs Don Robert 22:45
Don Mateo vs Ld. Rene 29:15
Don Avery vs Dona Ingrid 31:15
Don Crowley vs Don Robert 37:30
Lady Layla vs Don Tristan 42:50
Don Lorenzo vs Don Mateo 45:15
Final 3: Round Robin 48:00
Finals 51:11

J&M’s Timeless Photography took a lot of really good photos. They can be accessed, here: http://www.jmtimeless.com/Other/Queens-Champion-May-2013-by/29355382_5GQqNZ#!i=2505970485&k=zkPwwcv

All images below are mine. I apologize, I do not recall the names of the fighters. If anyone knows who these individuals pictured are, please let me know in the comments!




Jerry, in monk’s garb, Saturday, watching the fights.

Later, during court, the Champion was crowned by Her Royal Majesty, Queen Gwen verch Cywrig de Insula Mona.




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