Behold, the Joys of New Technology

So, I recently got a new phone because my old phone couldn’t get signal when we moved to Arkansas, and at the same time, the old (and much loved) phone had decided to crap out and wouldn’t take or hold a charge. Mostly, I;ve been happy with my new phone, until just this minute. I decided to post a few pictures from travels earlier this year, and some pictures of “blackwork” embroidery I had done, when I realized I couldn’t figure out how to get the images off the new phone. With the old phone, it was USB cable, open the file, TADA, pictures are here. New phone, I can’t find the picture file. It’s 4:00 AM on a school night, so I can’t wake the Cameron to ask him how to do it, so I guess pictures will have to wait.  behold the Joys of New Technology.


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