Welcome to “Mi Vida Loca”!

Welcome to “Mi Vida Loca”!

Hi, All!

Here is a stab at my very first blog! My main goals for starting this blog are many.

* Firstly, I wanted to have a place to showcase things I have created. I am a seamstress and tailor working largely on period costumes with a focus on Viking and Russian early-period designs for the Society of Creative Anachronism (SCA). I hope to soon branch out into both the Tudor time period and steampunk.

* Secondly, I wanted to  create something that could, in the future, be a tool for marketing, as I develop a larger (and hopefully, paying) audience for my costumes.

* Thirdly, I also wanted somewhere to post about experiences I have had travelling and living life in the SCA. I have so many pictures, I don’t know where to start!

* Finally, I wanted a space to record adventures I have with my grand-daughter for her future reflection, so she will always remember Oma fondly.

Sounds like a tall order for just a couple of GB’s, huh? Hopefully, along the way, i will entertain and perhaps educate, too.

Welcome aboard, my fellow adventurers! Full Steam Ahead!


Princess Chaos’s Oma & the 2 Crazy Dogs



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