Rude Parents Raising Rude Children

I had the most bizzaro experience when I went for lunch today. I went to a really decent, though not particularly cheap fish house here in our small town. I had the bad idea to eat in, and sat by a family consisting of a grandma, who appeared to be in her 60’s, a daughter, a grand-daughter who struck me as about 7, a grand-son who struck me as about 13, and another grand-son who struck me as approximately 18. I know they were all related based on the monikers they used for each other. Mom could have been in her late thirties, I am assuming, based on the 18-year-old calling her “mom”.

When I first sat down, I noticed the 7-year-old (let’s call her “Sue” for simplicity’ sake) grabbing food off her oldest brothers’ plate, chewing it up, and spitting it out into her mothers’ hand. Before I know it, Sue has hopped up and ran up to my table and grabbed a piece of fish off my plate, and says, “I can have this?”

I was a little shocked, and my first thought was, “Where have your hands been?”, so I said, “Sure…” with a puzzled expression.

She runs back to her table, takes a bite, chews it, says, “Yuck, I don’t like this,” and spits it into her Mom’s hand. Sue received no questions from Mom about where she got the piece of fish. Sue received no response whatsoever from Mom. There were three more tables with people eating in the restaurant

Sue ran to the next table, sticks her hand in the plate of the unsuspecting customer who had not been observing her, and says, “This is mine, now.” (Notice the progression of the demand after Sue saw her Mom was not going to set a firm boundary for her?) She runs back to her table, chews a little bit, says “Yuck” and spits the food back into her Mom’s hand. Mom and the rest of the family are still mostly ignoring her.

This pattern continued for the other table, until she came to a table of young service men and women eating. She put her hand in a young lady Sergeant’s plate, who gave her the food, but also asked her where her Mommy was.

The Sergeant walked to the table and very politely said, “Ma’am, I’ve noticed your daughter asking all the customers for food. With it being the holidays, if you can’t afford food for her, I would be happy to buy her lunch.”

The Mom replies, “She has food, but her family always shares their food with her.”

The Sergeant replies, “That’s terrific at home, but I would be concerned about her doing that in public, with strangers?”

To which the Mom replied, “SHE’S NOT IN PUBLIC. HER FAMILY IS HERE.”

The Sergeant and I exchanged puzzled looks and shrugged as she walked away. I don’t even know where to begin to rant on this one..


San Antonio Trip, 04-04-2013

View from one of the several river ferries along the River Walk in San Antonio, Texas. This is near the VFW, the Brewery, and the I-30 overpass.

These are all pictures I took earlier this year, when we had to go to San Antonio, from Corpus Christi, TX, for a dental appointment. Jerry and I decided to make a weekend of it. I was feeling a little ran down at the time; a few days later I discovered I had pneumonia, an ear infection, strep, and pink-eye. Other than that, it was a hugely fun trip!

Blackwork Sampler

Blackwork Sampler, March 22, 2013

Back in March of 2013, I decided to experiment with blackwork. I made a small sampler. I used Aida 14 cloth and black DMC embroidery floss–not historically accurate, but cheaper/easier to obtain than silk thread.

For more information about blackwork, see Wikipedia, at

Counted stitch Blackwork, 1530s (left), and free stitch Blackwork, 1590s (right). (Images courtesy of Wikipedia–see link above.)

Behold, the Joys of New Technology

So, I recently got a new phone because my old phone couldn’t get signal when we moved to Arkansas, and at the same time, the old (and much loved) phone had decided to crap out and wouldn’t take or hold a charge. Mostly, I;ve been happy with my new phone, until just this minute. I decided to post a few pictures from travels earlier this year, and some pictures of “blackwork” embroidery I had done, when I realized I couldn’t figure out how to get the images off the new phone. With the old phone, it was USB cable, open the file, TADA, pictures are here. New phone, I can’t find the picture file. It’s 4:00 AM on a school night, so I can’t wake the Cameron to ask him how to do it, so I guess pictures will have to wait.  behold the Joys of New Technology.

Welcome to “Mi Vida Loca”!

Hi, All!

Here is a stab at my very first blog! My main goals for starting this blog are many.

* Firstly, I wanted to have a place to showcase things I have created. I am a seamstress and tailor working largely on period costumes with a focus on Viking and Russian early-period designs for the Society of Creative Anachronism (SCA). I hope to soon branch out into both the Tudor time period and steampunk.

* Secondly, I wanted to  create something that could, in the future, be a tool for marketing, as I develop a larger (and hopefully, paying) audience for my costumes.

* Thirdly, I also wanted somewhere to post about experiences I have had travelling and living life in the SCA. I have so many pictures, I don’t know where to start!

* Finally, I wanted a space to record adventures I have with my grand-daughter for her future reflection, so she will always remember Oma fondly.

Sounds like a tall order for just a couple of GB’s, huh? Hopefully, along the way, i will entertain and perhaps educate, too.

Welcome aboard, my fellow adventurers! Full Steam Ahead!


Princess Chaos’s Oma & the 2 Crazy Dogs